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Sweetener is endowed with sweet food and food additives. Sweetener used in the world nearly 20 species, there are several different classification methods: their sources can be divided into natural and synthetic sweeteners sweeteners; its nutritional value points can be divided into nutritional and non- nutritional sweetness; bitter nature of their chemical structure and can be divided into non-sugar sweeteners such as sugar and. In the sweetener, sucrose, fructose and starch sugar is usually regarded as food ingredients, collectively known as the sugar habit, not as a food additive in China. The sweetness of sugar alcohols and sucrose are similar, or because of their low calorific value, or its and glucose metabolism of different, but there are some special applications, are generally classified as food additive (sweetener). Non-carbohydrate sweetener sweetness high, very little amount of heat is very small, some not involved in metabolic processes, often referred to as non-nutritive sweeteners or low calorific value, is the sweetener of important species. Ideal sweetener should have the following five features: ① high security; ② good taste; ③ high stability; ④ good water solubility; ⑤ lower price. The harm caused by too much sugar has been recognized. The following should sweeteners have different characteristics. But not very good, and therefore the research of new sweetener has been very active in a range of application prospects appeared good sweetener, and some species such as Sucralose has been approved for use in some countries. Research and development of our country sweeteners have also been development in the future when a new sweetener also be applied.


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