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Konjac Gum in the food industry

Second.  Specific application in food

Konjac in our country is rich in resources as the price is relatively low, and the human body has certain health effects, multi-purpose use of konjac gum is increasingly attach importance to the scientific community, konjac gum as a natural food additive in the food industry increasingly widely application. Amorphophallus konjac flour can be processed into tofu, noodles, vermicelli, rice puddings and other food. Purification of Amorphophallus Konjac flour can be processed into pasta, flour, biscuits, bread, instant noodles, spring roll wrapper and so on. Amorphophallus konjac gum can be processed into convenient sauce, braised pork sauce, tomato sauce, apple sauce, salad dressings and so on. Konjac gum and adhesive is ice cream, jelly, candy and other food production indispensable food additive, can produce a smooth, refreshing, delicate, flexible konjac food series.

 2.1 Preservation of food

Use of konjac in the film-forming, can be used as vegetables, fruits and other natural food preservative. Fruits and vegetables treated with konjac gel solution, a film formed on the surface, inhibit water evaporation, prevent the intrusion of oxygen, play a role in preservation of corrosion.

Konjac flour is a natural preservative, is easy to form film, the film not only to O2, CO2, C2H2 has a choice of infiltration, but also inhibit the function of bacteria and fungi. Therefore can be widely used in fruits and vegetables and fresh meat. In fresh longan, if konjac flour on its surface coated membrane, placed at room temperature (29 ~ 31 ℃), the storage for 10 days, longan weight loss rate was 2.56%, and good fruit rate was 82.86%, essentially inhibit browning and mildew, and maintained the inherent quality of longan. And 0 ~ 7 ℃ cold storage compared to the more economical method. The fresh beans can also use powder, with a concentration of between 0.3% and 0.5% of konjac flour on the 20 ~ 40s by ultrasonic treatment after the coating of fresh beans, beans can be the storage period extended under the same conditions to more than 10d.

Konjac flour can be used not only fresh fruits and vegetables, in meat preservation also has good results. With konjac mannan and other material prepared preservative, to evenly spray the surface of the meat. At 10 ℃ and 20 ℃ storage, shelf-life than the corresponding control group under the same conditions to extend the 6 ~ 8d. The method can not only reduce costs, and there is no thawing of frozen meat juice loss arising from the phenomenon.

2.2 Konjac flour as a food additive

2.2.1  In the production of bread, cakes of

     Bread and cakes are a common food products on the market, due to nutrient-rich, soft texture being popular. But ordinary bread, cakes poor water holding capacity, easy to get rid of fat slag, impatience storage, direct impact on product quality, flavor and shelf life. Konjac flour into a paste to paste, add the ingredients of all kinds, make bread, cake, good water retention, high resistance, toughness increased, the volume increases, consumption of non-fat dry time, no dregs, soft taste, shelf life are extended so that bread, cake quality improved significantly.

     Production will be of konjac flour by 0.1% by weight of flour paste with water, after mixing with other ingredients, and then operate according to conventional methods. Production of konjac paste: 1 part of konjac flour 60 times against the hot water (temperature 50 ~ 60 ℃), mix well, at room temperature (room temperature 20 ~ 25 ℃ best) 4 to 6 hours, placed in every half Stir 1 hour, after a dextrin can be added gradually.

2.2.2 Application in the production of noodles

Use of konjac flour gel and water retention, producing konjac flour, konjac flour will be filled by a certain percentage increase in the noodles, the noodles can increase the toughness, flexibility, and constantly amended.
Percentage of the konjac flour water paste, add the flour in the bunched up into face blank, with noodles made from conventional methods, the color white, long cooking is not bad, not muddy soup, creamy taste, foam. Cooked noodles in the water up to 1 day still maintain the status quo. Konjac flour noodles storage time longer than the other noodles, transport pressure, low cost, easy to spread, making simple obviousness line, just 0.25% konjac flour according to the proportion of water paste (add water to noodles amount of water production date), according to the ratio mix flour, kneading dough, blank, and then produced by conventional methods can noodle.

2.2.3 Application in the production of vermicelli

Pasta consumption of large amount of materials used are soybean meal, corn flour, potato flour, rice flour, etc., of which the most common processing of rice vermicelli, noodles made with these materials class quality is better than soybean meal, the noodles made with other materials have different degrees of the color black, easy to muddy soup, breaking, not Naizhu, stirring fragile shortcomings.

In order to change the quality of vermicelli members of the shortcomings of konjac flour is a very effective measure. To a certain proportion of konjac flour paste flour after adding different raw materials, according to conventional manufacturing process to produce noodles, color white, Naizhu, not muddy soup, hard breaking, eating fine, smooth, pliable. Article resistant dry storage, resistance to storage and transportation, quality than non-konjac flour noodles with much improved.

Add the starch raw material in various ratio of konjac flour (dry weight) as follows: 0.1 ~ 0.5% soybean meal, corn flour O.5 ~ 0.1%, potato flour 0.5 ~ 1% 0.5 ~ 1% sweet potato flour, rice 0.1 ~ 0.5%.

2.2.4 Application in the production of ice cream

Adding a certain percentage of ice cream powder, make products, organizations fine and smooth, stable shape, has a certain consistency and hardness, to prevent sugar crystallization, to avoid the formation of ice crystals. Konjac powder raw materials in the ice cream in the total dosage of 0.3%, subject to paste and then added to the liquid ingredients, then mix well.

Konjac flour has a high viscosity, is the highest of all natural rubber, and with xanthan gum, carrageenan, etc. have synergy. The above edible gum and monoglycerides, phosphate and other ice cream mix can be paired complex emulsion stabilizer for ice cream production, you can simplify the operation and shortening of the aging time, reduce production costs.

2.2.5 In the production of Western-style ham

Gelation of konjac can also be used as a modifier. In the flour and starch as filler products in. Adding konjac can change the taste of these foods and to increase their yield, such as ham and sausage production. Ham close integration required between the pieces, no holes, cracks, biopsy performance, the actual production also requires a good water retention, conventional methods generally add soy protein, modified starch to achieve this purpose by the test, only Add the meat weight of 2% powder, can achieve good results, surpasses add soy protein, modified starch is lower cost.

2.2.6 Application in the production of tofu

Konjac flour tofu, bean curd toughness than the average, water retention, and not easy broken, the taste, appearance of white and tender, strong water absorption cooking. Amorphophallus konjac powder made of tofu can be fried, boiled, mixed, halogen consumption. Produced using this soybean curd tofu, bean thread, artificial meat, meat and other foods closer to the taste, but also adds beneficial to human health of dietary fiber, plant protein to make up for the deficiency. Production, the press material dry weight ratio of 0.1% konjac flour, the boiled pulp konjac flour before adding to the soy milk, and stir fully.

2.2.7 Gel candy in the production of

Gel candy is a type of stick-slip nature of the soft, high water content, has a certain flexibility of candy, with high heat. Add a certain percentage of Konjac gel sweets, transparent appearance, soft tissue, hard sand hair long period of storage.

2.2.8 In the application of other food production

Use of konjac in the thickening and suspension can be part or all of the agar and pectin instead of high prices for fruit juices and drinks to prevent sedimentation; also be used as jam, jelly thickener. The reversibility of the use of konjac sol can produce several flavors of food. If the 1% to 4% of the sol-keeping at 10 ℃ below to add a variety of fruit juices, vegetable juices, coffee, milk and cocoa powder and mix until the temperature rose to room temperature or heated. Serve fruit pudding, vegetables, pudding, coffee konjac, konjac milk, cocoa and other flavors of konjac food. In addition, konjac gum as a thickener, stabilizer, in the preparation of sour milk and other beverages and food production can be well applied.


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